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Mini Melts Looks And Tastes Different

That’s why we say, "Taste it and love it". Of course not all ice creams are created equal;
we use an ultra premium base mix, and search out the highest quality flavors from around the globe. Mini Melts offers something wholly different.


The New Zealand Mission

Just like all other kiwis, we love ice cream which is why it has been our mission to bring the superior quality and flavour of Mini Melts to New Zealand taste buds. The concept of cryogenically frozen ice cream (the use of extremely cold temperatures to freeze ice cream) is an excellent way to lock in the flavor of the ice cream in a truly unique way. First, it is well known the faster a product can be frozen, the better it will taste. Using liquid nitrogen we flash freeze our ice cream in split seconds. Secondly, normal ice cream must have air whipped into it to enable it to be scooped. Mini Melts has no air whipped into it. And, finally, the exciting shapes produced by this process are mouth wateringly irresistible. So we thought it was high time New Zealanders got a taste of Mini Melts, and Mini Melts got a taste of home! Though Mini Melts began in the US, our Mini Melts are created just across the ditch using 100% natural products. Though our dream to spread the word of Mini Melts across the land of Aotearoa is still just beginning, as more and more kiwis taste and love it, that dream is slowly coming true!


Mini Melts NZ

JNJ NZ LTD trading as Mini Melts NZ operates as the exclusive licensee of Mini Melts Inc. to introduce
Mini Melts® ice cream in New Zealand.
Address: Unit3, 431 Church Street East, Penrose, Auckland 1061, New Zealand
Phone: (09)580-3005
Fax: (09) 580-3008


Meet the team

We LOVE what we do!


what is minimelts

A Dream Of An Ice Cream

Mini Melts is a super premium, pure ice cream made in a truly unique way using leading edge technology and the finest quality ingredients.


The exciting shapes of ice cream this produces are fun and easy to eat, allowing customers to appreciate the great taste.


Mini Melts is manufactured using cryogenics. Cryogenics uses liquid Nitrogen to instantaneously freeze Mini Melts to less than -187 °C (-304 °F). This is close to the coldest temperature that is achievable on earth. This rapid freezing process enables Mini Melts to "lock in" the flavour.


Apart from that normal ice cream has to have air whipped into it to make it scoopable. Mini Melts has no air whipped into it. It’s simply top quality ice cream and nothing but!


Through the use of the finest quality ingredients and a milk fat content of 16%. Mini Melts is truly one of the highest quality ice cream products in the world.


Experience the wonderfully cold sensation direct from our -40 degrees specialized serving freezers.


The Mini Melts Range

Mini Melts Ice Cream creates and produces an ultra premium ice-cream in its Australian production facilities in Adelaide, SA. All products are made with natural ingredients and blended specially for New Zealand and Australia.

Our production centre is continually making all our products as fresh as can be. If you have any ideas for new flavours, just email us and we’ll see if it can be done.

join the team

Mini Melts Ice Cream is a fast growing new business. There are opportunities for those who share our vision – and love of ice cream – to become active partners in our success. Whether you are interested in a territory, as a wholesaler, or as a retailer looking for a new line for your customers, there are new business opportunities available.

+ can you sell mini melts?

Mini Melts Ice Cream has just opened in New Zealand and is fast growing its network across New Zealand. We are accepting applications for Master Licensees and Authorised Resellers. We offer business opportunities to suit all investment levels and business aspirations. With multiple sales channels and merchandising options, whatever your level of involvement, your potential returns are excellent. Comprehensive marketing and sales support will help you grow your Mini Melts business. If you are serious about ice cream, read on! We welcome enquiries from motivated, enthusiastic people with a great go-getting attitude to business and life, in general.

+ master territory/regional licensees

You will be responsible for growing sales and distribution across your territory. This will include building the sales and distribution network, arranging for supply of equipment and product to vendors, and co-ordinating with resellers and retail outlets in your territory. Rewarding and challenging for the right person/organisation.

+ authorised resellers

We have multiple opportunities available from kiosks through to event trailers, portable carts and vending machines. We are open to discussing ideas and suggestions from those with the get-up-and-go!!

+ existing retailers

You may own or run an existing outlet/s and be looking for a great, new, exciting product, Opportunities abound for established traders, as well as those looking to set up a new venture.

+ interested?

If you feel you fit any of the above profiles, and have the enthusiam and drive to take Mini Melts to the New Zealand people, please email us. We will contact you as soon as possible. Many thanks for your interest.

+ What does a Mini Melts business look like?

Custom built kiosks can be tailored to sell Mini Melts in any indoor or outdoor environment to suit your application. The aim is to bring maximum exposure in high foot traffic locations. The Event Van is perfect for outdoor locations and will make you stand out from the crowd at events, festivals, fairs, sporting events, shopping mall, field days and more! A stunning van full of fun and colour, it is a real eyecatcher designed to meet all health and safety regulations. A portable cart is a great option for any space that can only handle a smaller footprint, for a seasonal location or a temporary site that can be dressed up to have a great impact. Vending machines are a great way to make money! This robotic vending machine will make you money, indoors or outdoors, day or night. Available soon in New Zealand.

If you require any more information on Mini Melts, please contact us today.


Mini Melts Head Office

Unit3, 431 Church Street East
Penrose, Auckland 1061

T +64 (0)9 580 3005
F +61 (0)9 580 3008
MiniMelts South Auckland

2 Aviano Close, Flat Bush,
Auckland 2016

M 021 2111 932
MINI MELTS Canterbury Region

11 Wiltshire Mews, Avonhead,
Christchurch 8042

T +64 (0)3 358 2188
M 022 161 8800